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Drinking Water Treatment

Water is vital to everyday life, not only in residential areas, but also for commercial and industrial needs. As these areas continue to grow, we see a greater need for properly treated drinking water. At Wessler Engineering, our experience in environmental and civil engineering allows us to provide our clients with budget-friendly and creative solutions to treating drinking water.

We work with clients to upgrade and design new water treatment plants and to evaluate the capacity of surface water and groundwater resources. Whether we are designing new facilities or upgrading existing equipment, we implement our solutions successfully, on budget, and on time. We also understand that a wellhead is a valuable asset to a municipality and protecting that asset is important. Additionally, we prepare vulnerability assessments and protection plans to assist clients in safeguarding their investments.

At Wessler, our goal is to create efficiency for our clients by utilizing new and proven technologies in drinking water treatment. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we provide expert knowledge and service. We are also familiar with funding agencies and can provide assistance to clients in applying for project grants and loans.

Armstrong Road Water Treatment PlantShadow

Armstrong Road Water Treatment Plant
Frankfort, Indiana

Waterworks System ImprovementsShadow

Waterworks System Improvements
Huntington, Indiana

White River Valley Well Field ImprovementsShadow

White River Valley Well Field Improvements
Eastern Heights Utilities, Bloomfield, Indiana


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We provide a full spectrum of services including:

Preliminary Engineering and Studies

Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER)

Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) Funding Format

Rural Development (RD) Funding Format

State Revolving Fund (SRF) Funding Format

Local Funding Format

Capital Improvement Plans

Waterworks Systems Studies

Regional Water District Studies and Formation

Master Planning

Hydraulic Studies

New System Development & Expansion Feasibility

Project Justifications

Operational Studies & Evaluations

Capacity Evaluations

Surface and Groundwater Resources Evaluations

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Evaluations

Design Services

Groundwater Treatment Plants

Surface Water Treatment Plants

Groundwater Wells

New Water Transmission Mains

Instrumentation, Controls, and SCADA

Elevated Water Storage Tanks

Ground Storage Tanks

Surface Water Impoundments and Reservoirs

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Design

Additional Services

Permitting and Environmental Services

Funding Guidance


Construction Administration and Observation

Low Impact Construction Methods

Resident Project Representative Services

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Security Plans

Standard Operations Plans

Emergency Operational Plans

Wellhead Protection Plans

Vulnerability Assessments