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Wastewater Collection

Wastewater is generated by residential, commercial, industrial and other users in a community. If handled improperly, wastewater can create a number of health hazards for citizens, as well as a number of environmental concerns.

We work with clients to solve a variety of wastewater collection system problems, such as capacity issues stemming from undersized gravity or low-pressure sewers, or inflow and infiltration. We provide cost-effective solutions, specifically designing sewer extensions or rehabilitating existing sewer systems. We implement these solutions successfully, on budget, and on time.

At Wessler, our goal is to create efficiency for our clients by utilizing new and proven technologies in wastewater collection systems. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we provide expert knowledge and service. We are also familiar with funding agencies and can provide assistance to clients in applying for project grants and loans.

Merrill Street Combined Sewer RehabilitationShadow

Merrill Street Combined Sewer Rehabilitation
Indianapolis, Indiana

Orchard Heights Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsShadow

Orchard Heights Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Lafayette, Indiana

Septic Tank Elimination Projects (STEP)Shadow

Septic Tank Elimination Projects (STEP)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wastewater Collection System ImprovementsShadow

Wastewater Collection System Improvements
Chandler, Indiana


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We provide a full spectrum of services including:

Preliminary Engineering and Studies

Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER)

Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) Funding Format

Rural Development (RD) Funding Format

State Revolving Fund (SRF) Funding Format

Local Funding Format

Sanitary Sewer Master Plans

System Development & Expansion Feasibility

Sanitary Sewer (I/I) Evaluation Studies

Design Services

Gravity Sanitary Sewer Design

Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer Design

Force Main Design

Lift Station Design

System Rehabilitation Design

Manhole Rehabilitation

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Lift Station Improvements 

Additional Services

Field Services

Permitting and Environmental Services

Wastewater Collection System Mapping / GIS Integration

Hydraulic Modeling

Regulatory Assistance

Funding Guidance


Construction Administration and Observation