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Instrumentation & Controls


In today’s engineering industry, efficient processes rely heavily on the ability to control, monitor and report system variables to an operator at any given time.  With the proper supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, operators can make informed decisions, review process trends and even predict process issues before they happen.  Additionally, increased process automation allows for the reduction of manual processes and more efficient use of operators’ time.  These benefits are achieved by the proper design and implementation of the instruments within the system and the application of an efficient SCADA system for the facility.

Our instrumentation and controls (I&C) engineers specialize in the design, programming and integration services required to optimize the interactions between process and operator.  From project concept to project close-out, our team partners with our clients to provide the most efficient, cost-effective customized solution for them whether our services are provided as part of a larger improvement project, or smaller, controls-only upgrade.

With the proper SCADA system, processes can be designed to run automatically as well as provide real-time notifications of equipment and process alarms. A SCADA system also can provide tools such as information management and remote access to streamline operations. Our I&C team can help determine which SCADA capabilities best fit your needs.

Our I&C team frequently is named one of the Top 100 Integrators by Inductive Automation.

In addition to these services, Wessler’s I&C engineers also provide construction integration management during the construction and phasing of plants. For more information on this service, SCADA and all that our I&C team can provide, contact us!

Brian Price, PMP

Instrumentation and Controls Group Head

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Instrumentation & Controls

  • Automation of existing plants
  • Control system maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Conversion of older remote terminal unit (RTU)/programmable logic controller (PLC) equipment and programming
  • Design drawings and specifications
  • Programming and integration after installation of new equipment
  • Start-up and commissioning of new process controls
  • Study phase evaluation of I&C options
  • SCADA system design and integration
  • SCADA system archival, organization and asset management plans

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  • Gold Certified Integrator by Inductive Automation