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White River Interceptor Rehabilitation

City of Muncie, Indiana

As part of an ongoing process to maintain FEMA certification of the White River Flood Control Levee, the Muncie Sanitary District (MSD) is rehabilitating multiple sewers along the levee route.

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  • April 3, 2020

    In Memory of Lafayette Waterworks Superintendent Kerry Smith

    We join the Lafayette community in mourning the untimely passing of Waterworks Superintendent Kerry Smith earlier this week. Kerry was a long-time client of ours, a valued professional who worked tirelessly and cared deeply about the public he served.

    The Wessler team will miss working with Kerry and extend our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and the City of Lafayette team during this painful and difficult time.

    Rest in peace, Kerry.

  • March 19, 2020

    Indianapolis Airport and Wessler Engineering Take Home ACEC Grand Project Award

    In partnership with Wessler Engineering
    Indianapolis Airport Authority’s Stormwater and Deicing Capacity Project Wins ACEC Engineering Excellence Award

    Touted as an environmental and logistical success, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA)’s Stormwater and Deicing Capacity project led by Wessler Engineering was recognized with a Grand Project Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Indiana at the 2020 Engineering Excellence Awards earlier in March.

    With a 26-month timeframe, the Wessler Engineering project team comprised of 18 partnering firms was selected by the IAA to design and provide construction administration for the $130 million project that enabled FedEx’s seven-year $1.5 billion expansion at the Airport. Improvements included more than 100 million gallons of lined storage in earthen basins, a 10-million-gallon underground storage tank, three tunnels under Interstate 70, more than 50 million gallons per day (MGD) pumping capacity and more than two miles of piping.

    When temperatures drop below freezing, airport personnel use aircraft deicing fluid (ADF) to remove and/or prevent ice from forming on planes. The primary component in ADF is propylene glycol, a non-toxic organic compound that exerts a significant oxygen demand as it degrades. Nearby streams and groundwater needed to be protected from ADF-laden runoff.

    As the prime consultant and lead designer, the Wessler Engineering team implemented tried and true technologies from water and wastewater projects, but redesigned them to meet the IAA project’s needs, including transport, storage, management of stormwater and deicing runoff from the existing and planned development areas. The team also ensured all discharged stormwater met the Airport’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements.

    IAA Director, Environment & Sustainability Todd Cavender (fourth from L), joins Wessler Engineering (L-R) Senior Project Manager Stan Diamond, P.E., BCEE, Senior Project Manager Jim Kovacs, Stormwater Group Head Bill Leber, P.E., LEED AP, President Brent Siebenthal, P.E., and Senior Project Manager Jay Thorne, P.E., following the awards ceremony. 



 Client Comments:

"Our experience with Wessler is always positive. They treat you as a friend, and they’re as good as their word.”  -City of Frankfort, Indiana



We are dedicated to bringing our clients' vision to life with each and every project.

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  • August 11, 2017

    Employee Spotlight: Bridget Philpott

    Wessler is proud to announce Bridget Philpott, E.I., as the July Employee of the Month! Bridget joined Wessler in 2016 and serves as an engineer in the Indianapolis office. She works in the areas of designing and evaluating wastewater treatment facilities and sewer and sanitary collection systems. She is also an expert on where and what to do in Europe! We had her answer some questions so that we can get to know her better.

    What are your roles and responsibilities at Wessler?

    My roles and responsibilities as an Engineer in the Wastewater Group include assisting in the design of wastewater treatment plants and collection systems, performing preliminary studies and providing construction administration services.

    What does the “Wessler Way” mean to you?

    To me the “Wessler Way” means understanding each client’s unique needs and doing everything you can to provide them with the highest quality work.

    What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned?

    Since starting at Wessler I feel like I have learned something new every day. One of the most important being that there is always more than one way to do something and to make sure you think of the end user when deciding between alternatives. The choices you make when designing their system will affect them for years to come.

    Outside of work, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

    I enjoy baking, hiking, traveling and playing lacrosse. I also love to read and joined a book club at the beginning of this year to make sure I actually take the time to do it. If anyone has any book suggestions let me know, I’m always looking for my next book!

    Rumor has it you have travelled to Europe – what are some of your favorite places? And where do you plan to travel to next and why?

    I’m lucky enough to have travelled to Europe four times, with the most recent trip being when I went to Spain earlier this year. It’s hard to pick a favorite but Santorini, Greece is the most beautiful place I have ever visited and Prague, Czech Republic is the most unique! I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights, so for my next international trip I am planning on going to the few of the Nordic countries.

    What are some must-do activities when visiting the Chicago area?

    Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago I was often able to go downtown and explore all that Chicago has to offer. As some of you already know, I could go on for days about things to do and particularly what to eat while in Chicago, but here are a few of favorites:

    Hoosier Mama Pie Company (try the Fat Elvis Pie)

    Sailing on Lake Michigan

    Museum of Science and Industry and Adler Planetarium

    And of course, going to a baseball game for Chicago’s best team…the White Sox!

  • August 17, 2017

    Employee Spotlight: Michelle Everetts

    Wessler is proud to announce Michelle Everetts as our March Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Michelle! And thank you for your hard work and dedication. Below, we asked Michelle some questions so that we all could get to know her better.

    What are your roles and responsibilities at Wessler?

    Officially, I’m a CAD Tech; but being in a satellite office, I get to help out in a lot of different ways. Everything from office supplies to proofreading memos. But my heart is in providing graphics, especially maps, every which way for every purpose. You need a map? I’m your girl.

    What does the "Wessler Way" mean to you?

    It means having an amazing team of people a phone call away that know way more than I do on a variety of topics. And, in turn, providing them with whatever support I can offer.

    What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned?

    Still learning it: Take a breath. Use my filter.

    Outside of work, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

    I like crafting, I’m just not very good at finishing my projects. I have so many unfinished little projects around the house. The most looming one is a quilt I started about 5 years ago. In the summer I also like to play in the dirt. I’d say gardening, but I’m not that good at actually growing things. Once I regain some strength and stability, I want to start riding bikes again with my daughter and husband (we’ve got a great trail system in Fort Wayne).

    You do a lot with Kiwanis...what is your favorite element of that?

    It’s a local and global group of people who are passionate about serving others. Being around that and doing my part to help just fills a void for me. To learn more about the Fort Wayne Kiwanis Club, click here. To learn about Kiwanis International, click here.

    You lived in Russia? What was that like?

    I was pretty young, right out of high school, and I was there for seven months. One of my biggest personal takeaways from the experience was related to communication: If two people honestly want to communicate, they will, regardless of language or other barriers. I had some fabulous conversations with new friends, each of us only knowing a few words of the others’ language. I guess maybe that’s why one of my biggest pet peeves is a failure to communicate.

    What is one of your favorite stories about your daughter?

    Oh, which one to pick?!?! She’s our first and only child, and each day is a new story. We’re constantly amazed at the things she learns when we don’t know she’s listening, and are, of course, convinced she’s a genius, and going to be an artist AND an engineer of some kind. Right now she claims she’s going to visit the moon, but she’s not going to drive the spaceship, she’s going to fix it.

    Your husband is a professional musician, and you keep a radio going in the office - what style of music do you like? Do you play anything?

    Yes, my husband teaches Music Technology and plays mainly percussion, but I left singing and playing behind about 20 years ago. While I played a variety of band instruments in school, the bassoon was my love. Moment of honesty: I still get choked up when I hear a good bassoon riff. So if anyone has one they’d like to donate, I promise I’d put it to good use. Regarding what I listen to? Mostly current pop and classic rock.

    If you could add any piece of technology to your job, what would it be?

    It just happened – my dreams came true. We have a full-size color plotter!