Wessler 2022 Promotions

Wessler is thrilled and honored to announce the promotion of several employees across all departments. Please join us in congratulating them on a job well done and for their service to the company, as well as the communities they work with.

Bill L. – Vice President of IT

Bob H. – Senior Vice President

Dylan L. – Executive Vice President

Melissa M. – Senior Vice President

Ryan B. – Vice President

Aaron A. – GIS Group Head

Amy H. – Senior Environmental Scientist Project Manager II

Anne H. – Project Engineer I

Jason M. – IT Infrastructure Manager           

Jay D. – Senior Resident Project Representative

Jody W. – Senior Construction Project Manager

Josh K. – Project Engineer

Julie F. – Project Administrator

Madison T. – Project Engineer I

Matt T. – Field Technician III

Michael E. – Environmental Scientist III

Michael W. – Project Engineer

Michelle E. – Senior Designer

Nancy C. – Senior Environmental Scientist Project Manager

Nathan B. – Project Manager

Roberto G. – Construction Project Engineer I

Sam A. – Project Engineer I

Susan N. – Assistant Marketing Group Head

Ty G. – Business Development Group Head

Tyler H. – Project Engineer III

Once again, thank you for all your hard work. Please join the entire Wessler team in congratulating these individuals on their new roles!