Wessler’s 2024 promotions

The Wessler Engineering team is excited to announce our latest round of promotions! Please join us in congratulating the following individuals on their well-deserved promotions.

Dylan L. – President

Allen S. – Resident Project Representative IV

Austin W. – Project Engineer II

Bailey H. – Control System Engineer III

Ben S. – Project Manager

Brad R. – Senior Field Services Manager

Josh K. – Project Engineer II

Kasey M. – Assistant Stormwater Group Head

Lucas W. – Senior Resident Project Representative II

Michael W. – Project Engineer II

Michelle E. – CAD Manager I

Nick L. – Project Engineer III

Rebecca S. – Senior Project Manager

Rich G. – Field Services Technician IV

Seth M. – Marketing Coordinator II

Shreya G. – Project Engineer II

Trevor O. – Survey Crew Chief