Wessler Honors Doug Stephenson

Doug Stephenson, after more than 20 years of working on project sites, has decided that it is time to hang up the hardhat. He joined Wessler in 2003, serving as a resident project representative. Doug worked on-site, answering any questions or concerns that local residents had and making sure contractors adhered to quality, in regards to project plans, specifications, and schedules. He also inspected and observed construction, and conveyed information to the engineering team for review.

Senior Project Manager Stan Diamond, P.E., said he enjoyed working alongside Doug because of his approach to situations and his attention to detail. 

“I worked on a daily basis with Doug Stephenson for almost three years while he was our RPR on two northern Indiana water treatment plant projects,” Stan said. “Both projects were complex and one had a difficult contractor. I greatly appreciated his easy-going approach when challenging construction issues came up – as they often do. I also greatly appreciated his watchful eye and attention to detail when on the construction site. While he will be missed, my wish for him is that he has a long, healthy, and happy retirement.”

Doug will truly missed by the Wessler team, but what is his first order of business during retirement? Increase his golf game!