Wessler Welcomes Summer Interns

Emily Tomey, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, May 2018

Blaine Howell, Purdue University, December 2017

Tyler Welch, Ohio Northern University, May 2018

We are proud to announce that three interns have joined the Wessler team for our summer internship program! Emily Tomey and Blaine Howell are working out of our Indianapolis office, while Tyler Welch is gaining experience in our Bluffton, Ohio location. We asked the three of them some questions so we can all get to them better before they head back to school this fall.

Where are you going to school? What degree? Expected graduation date?

Emily: I am studying civil engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a minor in Spanish, and plan on graduating in May of 2018.

Blaine: I am attending Purdue University, pursuing a degree in civil engineering with an environmental emphasis. I will be graduating this coming December.

Tyler: I am pursuing a degree in civil engineering at Ohio Northern University, with a graduation date of May 2018.

What has attracted you to the civil engineering industry?

Emily: I wanted to pursue something in a STEM field and chose civil engineering because it was the best way to help people on a large scale.

Blaine: Being able to use problem solving skills to create solutions to important problems. Also, my dad is a wastewater operator. So I was introduced to that field in that way and thought it was interesting.

Tyler: My grandpa started and ran a small road construction company and I was always going to visit job sites with him when I was younger, so it’s just something I have always been around. I also like trying to think outside the box to solve problems and help people.

Are you involved with any organizations at school or outside of it?

Emily: I participate in ASCE, SWE, Chi Omega and am the social chair for the Rose Drama Club and president of the Rose-Hulman Choir.

Blaine: I am involved with Purdue’s Chapter of Chi Epsilon, as well as ASCE.

Tyler: At school I am currently involved in Concrete Canoe, STEM, ACSE, and Model United Nations. Outside of school I used to be heavily involved in 4-H, and am currently involved in Joseph’s Storehouse, which is a program ran out of my church back home where we feed the homeless and provide them with clothes, among other things, to help them out.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Emily: I stay pretty busy with my clubs on campus but most of my free time goes to singing or playing ukulele.

Blaine: Going to Purdue basketball games, as well as intramural sports.

Tyler: Back home I like hanging out with friends, shooting guns, ridding ATVs, and just being outside in general. At school, however, I don’t have access to all of those things, but I still enjoy hanging out with friends, playing basketball, working out, going on road trips, and, in the winter, snowboarding.

If you won a million dollars, what would be the first three things you purchase and why?

Emily: I would pay off my tuition, get a new Prius and buy new clothes.

Blaine: Pay off student loans to get those out of the way, travel the world, and buy a Corvette because that would be fun. I would also donate to good causes and my church.

Tyler: Aside from donating part of it to my church, the first thing I would buy would be a Nissan GTR. I have always wanted one. The second thing would be a nice piece of land where I would be able to build a house. Lastly, I probably wouldn’t buy anything else and just save the rest of the money for something down the road.