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Chemical and Filter Controls Building Upgrade, Dillman Road WWTP, Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana

While working onsite as a controls system integrator for a valve upgrade project in the summer of 2018, Wessler Engineering and CBU Engineering teams identified a major need for an upgrade in the controls system at the Chemical and Filter Building of the Dillman Road WWTP. Wessler and CBU staff identified the controls system contained outdated and discontinued hardware, irrelevant, difficult to troubleshoot PLC software and environmental issues within the control system that caused issues with the operation of the filter operations of their plant.

Wessler’s team designed the architecture and software needed to provide a complete control upgrade for the filter operations of the Dillman Road WWTP. This solution included the control panel design of the filter building, newly developed and upgraded PLC software and the project management and commissioning services to integrate these new components into the existing SCADA system. Wessler staff coordinated the efforts of CBU Engineering, CBU Operations and the electrical trades groups to successfully upgrade the controls system during peak operating season without affecting plant flows or operations. The new controls system allows the Dillman Road WWTP staff to run their filter backwash process 50% more efficiently than the previous controls platform and allows for future expansions and improvements to the system that were not possible with the previous controls system.

Brian Price, PMP

Instrumentation and Controls Group Head

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