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Frankfort Utility Extension

Clinton County, Indiana

To encourage development along the Interstate-65 (I-65) corridor, Clinton County Board of Commissioners made plans to extend water and sewer services from Frankfort toward the I-65 and State Road 28 interchange. In a cooperative effort with Frankfort Water Works to provide water service to the unincorporated town of Jefferson, a 1 million-gallon (MG) composite elevated water storage tank was constructed by the County along with new water mains and sanitary sewers throughout Jefferson.

Two different options for the elevated water storage tank were considered by the Clinton County Board of Commissioners, including a composite tank and a steel pedestal tank. After bids were received for both tank alternatives, a composite tank was selected. The 1 MG composite tank boasts a 36-foot diameter concrete support pedestal with 9-inch thick reinforced concrete walls containing horizontal and vertical architectural rustifications on the exterior surface. A 10-foot overhead door at the base of the tank was installed to accommodate vehicular traffic into the tank for storage or unloading of materials. A steel water storage container was placed atop the concrete pedestal, which was welded and painted on the ground then raised into place using a hydraulic jacking system.

The project experienced some challenging moments, particularly during the raising of the steel container which occurred during winter months. After the steel container was raised, it was secured to the concrete pedestal with reinforced concrete. Because of the cold temperatures, it was necessary to construct a tented enclosure over the concrete. The concrete was insulated with blankets, and the tented area was heated with propane units to maintain a proper temperature to cure the concrete, all while the container was suspended 100 feet in the air.

Wessler provided survey, design, permitting, right-of-way acquisition, bidding, construction administration, and construction inspection services to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners for the Composite Elevated Water Storage Tank project.

Wessler also provided the engineering services for the installation of 7,500 linear feet (LF) of 6-inch to 18-inch water mains, which composed the new distribution system throughout Jefferson and connected to the new 1 MG composite tank with the construction cost being $484,000. Frankfort Water Works constructed 4,000 LF of 18-inch water main to connect the new composite tank to their water distribution system.

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