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On-Call Wastewater Engineering Services

Griffith, Indiana

The Town of Griffith’s wastewater collection system experiences abnormally high flows during periods of wet weather. This results in sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) at the Town’s Cline Avenue Lift Station which pumps to Hammond Sanitary District for treatment. The Town has contracted with Wessler to provide engineering services related to the wastewater collection system on an on-call basis. Task 1 involved reviewing available system information, including existing system mapping, closed circuit televising, lift station documentation, smoke testing data, flow meter data, previous studies prepared by others, and other pertinent information. The determination was made that a comprehensive evaluation of the collection system was necessary. Task 2 involves a system-wide evaluation of the collection system through investigative field services including, smoke testing approximately 430,000 LF of sanitary sewers, 1,400 manhole inspections, wet weather inspections, night flow isolation (NFI) inspections, dye testing, flow monitoring assistance, and a report of findings summarizing the results of the field inspections. This project is ongoing and has been successful in identifying sources of inflow and infiltration thus far.

Robert W. Holden, II, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

Senior Vice President and Wastewater Group Head

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