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Wastewater System Improvements

Grover Hill, Ohio

A first of its kind project…The Village of Grover Hill’s sanitary sewer collection system is rundown and overflows during storms, resulting in sewer backups. Homes in Grover Hill have their own septic tanks, which are badly corroded, and the Village’s wastewater treatment plant has experienced multiple equipment failures. The Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) dispatched a team of volunteers to Grover Hill to provide engineering services.

  • volunteer engineers and technical experts developed a report outlining technical issues and recommended corrective actions
  • “blueprint” provided Village officials with a way to apply for funding and strategy to resolve the Village’s wastewater issues
  • report included a Geographic Information System (GIS) map of the wastewater system
  • manhole evaluations were conducted and scope for the rehabilitation of those manholes was identified
  • septic tanks, sanitary sewers, cleanouts, manholes and lift stations were evaluated and repair, maintenance, and replacement alternatives were provided
  • wastewater treatment plant was inspected in coordination with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) to identify system deficiencies, operational and capital improvement needs and related work necessary to restore regulatory compliance
  • volunteer team focused on low-cost improvements in coordination with wastewater treatment plant staff
  • provided an evaluation of financial impacts and worked with multiple funding sources to find options for the Village.
  • final report identified and prioritized recommended capital improvements and operations and maintenance needs for both the collection system and wastewater plant
  • Village of Grover Hill officials now are working with multiple funding agencies to proceed with the identified projects
  • Grover Hill project is the first-ever wastewater project completed by the CECorps, which was established in 2014 to connect volunteer engineers with underserved communities in the United States facing infrastructure challenges.

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Ryan K. Brauen, P.E.

Vice President and Ohio Office Manager

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