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MS4 Phase II NPDES Program

Bargersville, Indiana

The Wessler team is assisting Town of Bargersville officials in complying with their Phase II National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). Services include:

  • preparation and implementation of a Storm Water Quality Management Plan
  • notice of intent, part A, part B and part C application documents
  • development of a storm sewer system map
  • identification of key information such as storm outfall locations, receiving waters and watersheds
  • preparation of a compliance schedule and estimated budget allocation for development and implementation of the storm water program
  • preparation of part B (baseline characterization and on-going monitoring plan) including investigation of types of land usage, identification of known sensitive water areas, review of available monitoring data and preparation of required paperwork
  • preparation of part C (program implementation) includes evaluation of Bargersville's storm water program, preparation of detailed program description including best management practices (BMPs) and implementation of the six required minimum control measures (MCMs)
  • development of stormwater pollution prevention plans for municipal facilities
  • development of written standard operating procedures for BMPs
  • development of technical stormwater standards and ordinance language for enforcement of the MS4 program.

Amy Harvell, CHMM, RPC

Environmental Services Group Head

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