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Stormwater Utility Formation and Capital Improvements Plan

Brownsburg, Indiana

Wessler provided services to the Town of Brownsburg to develop and implement a Stormwater Utility. Wessler performed several services, highlighted below, and communicated with the Stormwater Advisory Committee who provided an ultimate recommendation to the Town Council, worked to develop a budget for the Stormwater Utility, and developed a policy and procedure manual to guide the Utility. Highlights of the project:

  • Wessler met an aggressive timeline for the project. The Town selected Wessler for this project in January and set a goal to begin billing the storm water user fee by January the next year, which Wessler’s completed within seven months.
  • Wessler completed an impervious surface area study that resulted in an equivalent residential unit (ERU) which would become the base billing unit for the Town’s stormwater utility rate.
  • Wessler developed educational information and public presentations that informed the public and local businesses about the benefits of stormwater pollution prevention and management.
  • Wessler studied drainage problems in the Town and prepared a Capital Improvements Plan, including a priority ranking and estimated costs for each project.

William J. Leber, P.E., LEED AP

Stormwater Group Head and Vice President of IT

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