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System Mapping/Manhole Inspections

Bluffton, Ohio

The Village of Bluffton team hired Wessler staff to prepare a comprehensive system map of the Village’s wastewater, drinking water and stormwater assets. More than 3,000 data points were collected using GPS within the Village and a GIS system map was created for the Village staff's use for future planning and recording of system details. Following preparation of the system map, Wessler personnel evaluated 83 manholes known to have significant structural or inflow/infiltration (I/I) concerns. Repairs were identified and a corresponding rehabilitation project was generated to address the most critical manhole deficiencies, including reconstructing benches and channels, full depth lining, replacement of frame and covers and installation of drop structures. The resulting work eliminated known sources of I/I while extending the useful service life of the manholes.

Ryan K. Brauen, P.E.

Vice President and Ohio Office Manager

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