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City Utilities Water Loop Project

Valparaiso, Indiana

The Wessler team completed a study to assist City of Valparaiso officials in evaluating two possible watermain extension route alternatives to loop the southeast side of the City for redundancy. The study included a review of the existing water distribution system, identified probable future development and evaluated potential construction impacts such as permitting, existing utilities, right-of-way and pavement repair. The study included a detailed report documenting the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with each alternative, along with estimates for the different routes and different watermain materials.

Once Valparaiso staff utilized the completed study to select the watermain route, Wessler staff provided the design, acquired permits, provided the regulatory coordination and assisted in bidding. The selected watermain route along Sturdy Road crossed two railroads that involved three railroad companies, was installed along a county road under Porter County jurisdiction and contended with various overhead and underground utilities and cemeteries along the route. The Wessler team successfully obtained the required permits, performed the essential coordination and specified and designed the nearly 7,000 linear feet (LFT) of 12-inch water main to meet all of the requirements of the regulatory agencies.

Mary K. Atkins, P.E., CPESC, LEED AP

Vice President

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