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Water Pollution Control Plant Effluent Aeration Improvements

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Wessler team members are providing contract management services to the City of Fort Wayne for their Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Effluent Aeration Improvements project. The improvements are designed to provide better control of dissolved oxygen at the plant’s effluent discharge. The project includes the construction of a new building for electrical, control and blower equipment as well as modifications to an existing chlorine contact tank.

The installation of aeration equipment supplements the existing static aerator and reduces the need for higher dissolved oxygen (DO) limits within the aeration basins. In addition, the project also allows for more flexibility with the implementation of the recently constructed effluent pump station.

Quality control of the entire project construction is important, but the most critical components are the coordination of activities that impact the operation of the existing WPCP.

The contract management team works to closely coordinate the contractor’s schedule, work progress and WPCP operational conditions throughout the project and specifically leading up to each required plant shutdown. During weekly and monthly progress meetings, Wessler reviews the progress and updates the schedule for each shutdown. This information is regularly discussed with the WPCP staff. In addition, the WPCP operational conditions and weather conditions are tracked leading up to each shutdown to allow better scheduling and reduce the impacts of the shutdowns as much as possible.

  • Construction value: $3.8 million

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Aaron Hutton, P.E.

Vice President and Fort Wayne Office Manager

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