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Wellfield Services

Waynesville, Ohio

Wessler staff has provided multiple services to the Village of Waynesville relating to water supply, quality and sampling:

Wellfield Sampling and Chemical Feed Evaluation: the Wessler team provided evaluation of chlorine feed rates and dosing controls, calculation of chlorine contact times, analysis of well capacities relative to water demand and development of a statement of performance for chlorine contact time for use by regional connections.

Well 8 Raw Water Main and Chlorination Injection Modifications: Wessler staff designed an alternate raw water main route for the existing Well 8 to address Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) chlorination concerns. The work included a hydraulic evaluation of the existing well pump to determine head loss impacts and preparation of necessary OEPA permitting.

Well 9 & 10 Engineering Support: the Wessler team assisted Village staff and hydrogeologists Ground Water Science in identifying future system demands for use in expanding the Village’s wellfield. Additional design support also was to have been provided for civil, electrical and structural services. The project is presently on hold based upon the limited near-term demand for additional source water.

Ryan K. Brauen, P.E.

Vice President and Ohio Office Manager

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