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WTP Plant Expansion and SCADA Master Plan – NineStar GEM WTP

Gem, Indiana

NineStar Connect expanded their utility capabilities to provide additional services for their customers.  With these added utilities to their services, they wanted to partner with an engineering firm that could help guide them through the upcoming expansions of their infrastructure and find unique and creative ways to modernize their existing facilities.

With this in mind, NineStar Connect leadership contacted the Wessler Engineering team to take their services to the next level.  Wessler’s Instrumentation and Control (I&C) team was given the responsibility to create the overall supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) master plan document for all of NineStar Connect’s utility locations.  This infrastructure consists of two water treatment plants and one wastewater treatment facility located west of Greenfield, Indiana.   The master plan utilized Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform as the basis of the connectivity between these three plants and the main company headquarters.

Upon completion of the SCADA master plan, the I&C team was involved in the design of a major plant expansion that doubled the capacity of one of the water treatment plant (WTP) sites and added another remote tower location to help with the demand due to expanding growth of the area.  Wessler staff participated in the design functions of the project to produce the necessary bid documents for the plant expansion.  During the construction phase, the I&C group partnered with a local system supplier for the procurement of the control system equipment with Wessler’s programming team performing all of the system programming and commissioning for the plant expansion.  This site was programmed locally utilizing Ignition’s Vision module.

In addition to the programming of the WTP facility, Wessler’s programming group also has programmed and commissioned the main servers located at NineStar’s main headquarters.  These servers collect information from the multiple connected NineStar sites and display the critical operations information for each site utilizing Ignition’s Perspective module as well as several additional supporting modules used for custom reporting and alarm notification functions.  The development of this overall architecture has allowed the NineStar team to monitor their plant facilities in ways never possible before.

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Brian Price, PMP

Instrumentation and Controls Group Head

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