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How to Improve Your Community’s Public Protection Classification

How to Improve Your Community’s Public Protection Classification:

Senior Project Manager at Wessler, Stan Diamond has helped numerous communities develop hydraulic models of their water distribution systems and then has used those models to help them identify and prioritize needed improvements. Early on, a colleague gave Stan an Insurance Services Office’s (ISO) hydrant flow test report and suggested he use the test results to validate the performance of a hydraulic model. Stan found that not only was the ISO’s information useful for validating the model, but it was also useful for identifying the water distribution system deficiencies. After learning more about how the ISO uses their hydrant flow test results and other factors to establish our community’s Public Protection Classifications, and getting a better understanding of the impact that those classifications have on insurance rates, Stan has become passionate about educating others on what they can do to improve their water distribution systems, raise their community’s public protection classifications, and bring down their insurance rates.